Fishtail pony tutorial


Ponytails have been the go-to for so many of us for years. The beauty in them is that they are fabulously functional and appropriate anywhere. Sometimes if you have your ponytail, in the same way, all the time ‘boring’ is a word that may come to mind. This style will help you do it. Whether you are going to a festival or a night out, this is a perfect ponytail that is amazing to rock/ so, keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

This look is best started with second-day hair and having some extra body so put your Cliphair extensions in. Add a little heat protecting serum then divide into inch wide sections and curl lightly to create waves. I find it works the best if you hold your barrel horizontally and wind my hair away from my face for a natural looking wave. Using a wide tooth comb brush through your curls to create luscious waves.


Step number 2: work with your sections

Separate your hair into three sections. Use your eyebrow arches as a guide from your hairline to your ea and securer. Add some texture spray at the back and
roots. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie. Divide your ponytail in half. Take a small section from the right side, cross it over to the left-hand side and join the inside thee left the section. Repeat going the other direction but taking a few strands from the left section and connecting it to the right side, this will create an x. Continue this for 5-7 rows. Then secure with a hair tie and grab a few strands from the back and wrap it around the hair tie and conceal it, pinning it in the back.


Step number 3: complete your looks

Move down your ponytail a few inches then add another hair tie and wrap some strands around to conceal it. Pinch the section in between your two hair ties and add some hairspray. Now you are going to create another fishtail braid. Now it is time into including the three sections that you sectioned at the beginning. Weave them in and out of your first fishtail braid and you are going to use them to create your second fishtail braid. As you did before separate the section you will make into a fishtail braid in half and take a few strands and take it to the other half. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect and tight, having this as a slightly undone look is perfect and will work really well with the texture spray you put in and the waves you created. You are going to continue this to almost the end of your hair. Secure with a thin hair tie then gently pinch the fishtail braid so it stays looking thick and lush. Next, you can wrap some strands around the bottom hair tie and add some hairspray to finish.


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