Product Quality

Why Human Hair?

Here at Cliphair, all of our products are made from 100% Remy Human Hair.
There are many reasons we choose to only stock human hair. Human hair extensions look incredibly natural and realistic, as the texture blends perfectly with your own hair. When cared for correctly, human hair extensions are durable and long lasting.
Human hair extensions require the same styling and maintenance as your own hair, meaning you can wear them straight, curly - however you fancy! You can also wash them and dye them.
We sell absolutely NO synthetic products at Cliphair. Synthetic hair can appear shiny and unnatural, cannot be styled with heat and cannot be coloured. It is likely synthetic products will look false, and will soon tangle and lose their original appearance.

Why Remy Hair?

Remy is the highest grade of hair available on the market, which is why we choose to exclusively use Remy human hair in our extensions. Remy hair is considered to be the best human hair available because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. They are also aligned in a unidirectional fashion which ensures the extensions look silky and totally natural. If you're looking for long lasting, luxurious and realistic hair extensions, Remy is the best option.

Individual Product Quality

At Cliphair we pride ourselves on only using the finest quality Remy human hair so you can relax in the knowledge that whichever product you decide to go for, you will receive the same luxurious and silky smooth hair.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Our clip-in hair extensions are extremely high quality, made with secure and sturdy clips designed to stay in place throughout the day. These clips have silicone strips on them to ensure no damage or snagging occurs to your natural hair while you're wearing them.

Double Wefted Clip-in Hair Extensions

Our double wefted extensions are again sewn with the same sturdy and secure clips as our full head sets. They simply contain double the amount of hair, with two wefts sewn securely together with undetectable strong cotton. The luxurious hair stays tangle free, and looks thick and luscious as it blends seamlessly with your own.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

When having permanent extensions such as pre-bonded hair extensions applied, it's imperative that high quality hair is used. As the hair extensions stay in permanently for a few months at a time, high quality hair will ensure they continue to look silky, smooth and tangle free throughout their lifespan.
Our pre bonded hair extensions are bonded with the highest quality Keratin which can be removed from your hair causing no damage.

Micro Ring/Loop Hair Extensions

Again, when applying a more permanent form of hair extensions to your hair, quality is highly important. Our Micro Ring hair extensions are thick and durable strands designed to stay smooth throughout wear. It's imperative that more permanent extensions are made from human hair, so that you can style them like your own hair.

Bodywave Hair Extensions

Bodywave hair extensions are great for customers looking to add curls to their own hair, or for those who already have curly locks. These are made from our gorgeous Remy human hair and have been chemically treated to stay in perfect curls after washing and throughout wear.

Fringe Clip-in Hair Extensions

Our fringe hair extensions are made from thick wefts of our Remy human hair styled to blend perfectly with your own hair. The fact they're made from human hair means the texture matches seamlessly and no one will guess your fringe is clip-on!

Ponytail Extensions

Looking stylish in a hurry can be tricky - but not if you have a ponytail extension! These come with a sturdy grip the slides into your own hair to hold it firmly in place, and thick but indetectable ribbons to tie it tightly. Unlike many clip-on ponytails on the market, our ponytail pieces are 100% human hair, meaning they don't have that synthetic tell-tale plastic looking shine. Instead they look glossy and healthy - a perfect match for your own hair.
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